Gulf Cooperation Council
Network for Drylands Research & Development

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الأراضي القاحلة و التطوير

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The principal objectives of NDRD are:

  • to contribute to the advancement of drylands research and sustainable development for the benefit and wellbeing of humanity
  • to co-ordinate and develop research in the GCC member states on drylands issues, especially desertification as well as poverty alleviation and to represent the research in this field with the institutions concerned
  • to encourage the relations between its members in a general way, to promote the professional exchange and reciprocal information and to encourage the common support between the members, in all activities and transactions.
  • to organize regional and international collaboration with the other international scientific and professional bodies and promote communication among those engaged in drylands research and sustainable development, especially desertification
  • to contribute to drylands conservation and their sustainable use in the GCC
  • to promote the dialog between research, development and application oriented activities.


In order to further the attainment of these objectives, NDRD shall be empowered to:

  • to enhance the quality of environmental programs and strengthen the position of the academic community in the GCC member states by promoting federal funding for drylands research and education at universities and supporting the advancement of degree-granting environmental development programs.
  • to organize and coordinate activities of mutual interest to drylands research especially within the field of desertification, including international and regional scientific conferences, symposia, seminars, forums, schools and courses, working groups, regional support programs and other information events for the constituent organizations.
  • to facilitate action-oriented collaborations among scientists, educators, policymakers, corporate and civic leaders through NDRD sponsored events and programs.
  • to establish committees, commissions, working groups and other bodies
    for purposes within its mandate;
  • to periodically disseminate information about issues of importance for drylands development by publishing material in the field of drylands research, such as proceedings, journals, reference books, reports and data sheets;
  • to develop and disseminate specialized teaching concepts, especially for Arabic countries, incl. nomadic education.
  • to represent the professional interests and views of GCC scientists in the international community.


  • to focus and care for implementation measures to combat desertification, demonstration and application of desirable agricultural techniques, as well as the provision of basic and advanced training. Research should be applicable in view of those social groups within whose domain the impacts of the implementation measures are intended to take place
  • to assist affected developing countries to achieve appropriate levels of science
    and technology in the field of drylands research and ensure the implementation of this applied research through participatory processes

    Explanatory Remark: The GCC Member States should be committed to support the efforts of other affected developing countries and least developed countries, particularly those in Africa, by providing assistance and promoting the exchange of technology and knowledge
  • to provide suitable channels for the exchange of information between nations
  • to raise public awareness in the GCC about desertification and about related issues such as land degradation, soil erosion, sustainable agricultural practices, food security, local and indigenous farming practices, etc. and the human insecurity related to it
  • to educate policymakers and the public in the GCC about the value of research to society
  • to promote the exchange of personnel between organizations working in the field of drylands research
  • to undertake activities conducive to the general objectives of the Network


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